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I have a strong passion for capturing moments. I started as a photographer and later expanded my passion to videography. By taking several courses, I have learned a wide range of different styles of videography. For instance, weddings, events, festivals, corporate events and commercials. What I love most about this is when I can make the sound merge with the visuals to form a whole.

I like to apply different styles in my work. If I don’t master a certain style or technique yet, I learn it and make it my own. This way I keep innovating myself and my equipment.

Besides that I have the necessary papers and experience to make drone footage, which involves a lot of skills and precision.

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. Weddings

Photographs tell more than words, but a video of your wedding might tell your story even better. The love and pure emotions that you have for each other captured in a spontaneous and natural way. I capture your special day as it really is, without staging anything. With your wedding film I want you to relive this special day for years to come.

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. Festivals & Events

An aftermovie is the way to make the visitors of your festival or event remember this day. Besides that, an aftermovie is one of the most popular forms of video content on social media and therefore has become a must-have within event marketing. Because of my experience within the festival and event industry, I know how to capture your event in the best possible way.

. Products & Services

Video content is perfect for telling your story, product and/or service to your customer. Video is the way to create content and promote your business. I like to think with you about how we can turn your concept into catchy video content, that connects with your target audience. This way I want to help you strengthen your brand.